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Method of making blind fabric

Abstract A method of making blind fabric utilizing natural or synthetic fibers or fabric as base materials to form an inexpensive fabric used in conjunction with conventional venetian and vertical blinds. The method comprises dipping, compressing, tentering, slitting into desired widths, heating, forming and slitting into desired lengths. Whereas the base material is dipped in a mixed solution of (1) thermoplastic resins, (2) thermosetting resins and (3) polyvinyl formal resin, thereafter, compressing said fabric through roller or the like, then tentering it by a tentering machine, slitting it into different widths, heating it at desired temperature to make the fabric soft in order to obtain a non-brittle, relatively flexible fabric. Finally the fabric will be formed into a curved shape and slit into desired lengths to fit the window size. In addition, the fabric can be treated with ultraviolet stabilizer, fire retardant and dust repellent to achieve desired properties.



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